Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a crucial step for anyone involved in an injury-causing accident.

Did you know that America’s average personal injury case is worth $180,000? That’s a tremendous amount of money, and you can bet that there will be many people trying to claim it. However, if you’re not careful about hiring the right lawyer, you could end up paying more than what your settlement actually should be. The following five tips should help you choose the right attorney for your circumstances.

Settle on a fee arrangement before your lawyer starts working for you.

Many lawyers work only on a 40% contingency basis, which means they get paid 40% of whatever compensation is awarded by the court or through a settlement unless the attorney gets non-refundable retainer fees. The lawyer’s 40% award cut is fair and reasonable if you win. It encourages lawyers to work hard for your case and do everything possible to maximize your settlement.

Even if your personal injury laywer uses a contingency fee basis, always ask about their fee in advance to know your obligation. If they perform work on a contingency basis, ask them how much of a cut they get from the settlement. It should never be more than 40%. Many personal injury lawyers have practiced for decades and have garnered large settlements for their clients.

What to Do If You’re in an Accident

Do your research on accident lawyers before you need one. Then, settle on a fee arrangement before your lawyer starts working for you. That’s the ideal way to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings later. Reputable attorneys are happy to discuss their fees, so there’s never a good reason for disorder.

How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Using a personal injury lawyer for your case is a savvy decision. Doctors, paramedics, nurses, and other medical professionals are great at what they do. Likewise, it’s the personal injury lawyer’s job to ensure that you receive all the compensation you deserve after an accident.

What to Expect During the Legal Process

Going to court can be stressful. It’s worth understanding the process to stay in control of the proceedings.

This type of hearing is informal and limited in scope; it typically occurs within five months of filing an answer or pleading with the court. During depositions, you will probably answer questions about your accident. Make sure that you’re prepared with all relevant information before each session begins. You will be under oath, so that makes you subject to penalties of perjury if you give false testimony.

Although it is your responsibility as the plaintiff to prove that liability falls on the defendant, it is up to the defendant’s lawyer to confirm that the opposite is true. They do this by attacking your credibility and strategy. The more evidence provided that bolsters your case, the better your chances of being awarded a larger settlement.

Some personal injury cases settle before they even go to trial. A pre-trial conference happens as a final effort to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. Judges typically oversee this process and make sure that both parties are on board with whatever happens next.

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