Common Mistakes to Avoid when Filing a Car Accident Injury Claim

Automobile collisions are a sad reality of modern life. Scars can be mental as well as physical, and they hurt. One way to pursue financial compensation for motor accident-related injuries is by filing a car accident injury claim. However, it’s possible that the process would be difficult and unclear, with costly consequences for any mistakes. Common mistakes made by claimants following automobile accidents are discussed below.

Not Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

One of the most important things to do after a car crash, even if you don’t think you’re hurt, is to see a doctor. Whiplash and internal bleeding, for example, aren’t often obvious straight away. Your injuries, and possibly your injury claim, could worsen if you wait to seek medical attention. The insurance company may argue that if you don’t get checked out, it must mean your injury is that bad. After a car crash, be checked out by a doctor immediately and do what they tell you to do.

Not Gathering Enough Evidence

Gather as much proof as you can to back up your injury claim following a car accident. This includes documenting the scene with photographs, exchanging names and insurance information with the other driver, speaking to any witnesses, and filing a police report. The stronger your case is, the more evidence you need. This is sure to help you protect your rights after a car accident. Do not assume the police will collect all of the evidence. Do your own research and learn as much as possible. This will all help you when filing a car accident injury claim.

Not Reporting the Accident to Your Insurance Company

Notifying your insurance company of the incident is mandatory. Notifying your insurance company promptly is required regardless of fault. You risk having your insurance claim denied if you don’t inform your insurer of the incident. Experts at US Moving Experts will tell you how important this step is as people who work on the road and have a lot of experience. In addition, your insurance company may offer guidance and help as you move through the claims process.

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Report to your insurance company as soon as possible.

Admitting Fault or Apologizing

Admitting fault or apologizing after a car accident is a common mistake people make. Do not admit fault at the scene of the accident, even if you feel responsible. The insurance company for the other motorist could use your comments as evidence against you, decreasing the amount of compensation you would otherwise be entitled to. Don’t assign responsibility; that’s something the insurance companies and lawyers are for.

Signing a Release or Waiver Too Quickly

Insurance companies may offer a quick settlement in exchange for a release or waiver of liability. Use caution when filing a car accident injury claim. Be sure to read the fine print and fully comprehend the agreement before signing. Signing a release or waiver could mean giving up your right to sue for more compensation. If you have issues with any paperwork, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney.

A red car hitting a yellow car from behind.

Be sure not to sign a release waiver too quickly.


Not Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies may take advantage of your inexperience if you try to handle a claim on your own. If you’ve been hurt in an accident, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney. If you need help gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, or litigating your case, a skilled attorney can do all that and more for you. They may also provide pointers on filing a claim for injuries sustained in a car crash and what to avoid doing.

Failing to Follow Up with Medical Treatment

If you want to recuperate and sue for damages, you need to get checked out by a doctor after a car crash. It could hurt your case if you don’t show up for appointments or finish the required treatments. The insurance company can argue that you aren’t hurt that bad or aren’t trying hard enough to get better. Keep all your scheduled doctor’s appointments and do what your doctor tells you to do to heal.

Not Keeping Track of Expenses

In order to secure a fair settlement, you should keep track of all costs associated with the car crash. There is coverage for both medical bills and lost wages or property. Don’t throw away any paperwork you get after an accident. These documents can support your claim.

A picture of a wrecked car while the people are filing a car accident injury claim.

Keep track of expenses before filing a car accident injury claim.


Settling Too Quickly

It could be a bad idea to rush into a settlement after a car accident damage claim. Insurance companies could offer a quick settlement to keep you out of court. However, these settlements may not be enough to cover all of your damages. You should calculate the full extent of your damages and losses before agreeing to any settlement offers. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine the value of your claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

Not Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Find out precisely what your policy covers. Your right to compensation for injuries sustained in a car crash could be affected by the terms of your insurance policy. Some policies, for instance, may not cover specific injuries or may cap the amount of compensation you could receive in the event of an accident. So make sure to know what personal injury protection on an auto is and consider getting it. Also, make sure you understand how your insurance policy can affect your personal injury claim if you were in a car accident.

In conclusion

Filing a car accident injury claim can be an intricate process, and filing them incorrectly can cost you time and money. If you can avoid making these common mistakes, you may have a better chance of getting fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Quickly getting medical attention, gathering evidence, reporting the accident to your insurance company, not admitting fault or apologizing, not signing a release or waiver too quickly, hiring a personal injury attorney, following up with medical treatment, keeping track of expenses, not settling too quickly, and understanding your insurance policy are all important steps to take after an accident. Keeping these tips in mind can help you successfully file a claim and receive payment.

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