Most Common Home Injuries in Central Kentucky

In order to be able to protect yourself better, it is important to be familiar with the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky. After all, this knowledge will help you prevent them and maybe even point out a few unsafe practices within your own home!


Slip and fall

Among the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky, the most frequent ones, by far, are slip and fall injuries. This is likely because of the many possible causes of slip and fall accidents, of which the majority is difficult to avoid even if you are careful entirely. The trouble with these injuries is that even the slightest fall can prove lethal. On top of that, it is very difficult to appropriately respond and soften your fall when affected by the shock of losing your footing. To finish off this dangerous combo, you can’t even get up and ask for someone’s help in the more severe versions of these accidents.

A person on top of the stairs—the cause of the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky

Keep your home tidy to avoid tripping hazards—one of the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky


Broken bones

Broken bones, even if they are definitely among the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky, are among the most preventable injuries, too. After all, the leading cause of this type of injury is carelessness or overestimation of one’s strength. A good example is when people try to move heavy furniture on their own during a move. If you are going through a long distance move within Kentucky and searching for movers already, and since experts can ensure safety, you may as well step back and adequately let them handle it! Do not take undue risks when you don’t have to, and you’ll be just fine.


Burns and fires

There are two different causes of burns. First, of course, you may just get burned when cooking or handling hot objects. Then, there is the more severe risk of injury that a breakout of fire carries., Most such major injuries and accidents in Kentucky happen during winter. People tend to use many more appliances and devices, for heating and entertainment purposes, during these months. This means extension cords and cables of shoddy make tend to come out to play. They can catch fire very quickly, and such catastrophic accidents tend to leave a person struggling to get their life on track after a personal injury accident.

firefighter fighting a house fire

Fires are hard to recover from because of injuries and property damage.


The dangers of carbon monoxide

Another of the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky is carbon monoxide poisoning. This is another example of added risks winter tends to introduce. Fireplaces produce carbon monoxide, and furnaces people rely on for heat during the season. Unfortunately, the gas is entirely transparent, which means you won’t be able to notice anything amiss until it is far too late. Thankfully, this particular risk is easy to eliminate. Installing carbon monoxide detectors is relatively cheap. Yet, it is lifesaving if you enjoy dozing off in front of your fireplace!



You would be shocked at how common choking on food is. Even worse, among all the possible home injuries you can go through, this is the second riskiest next to slip and fall accidents. After all, if you are choking, you can absolutely not help yourself or call for help. If you are living alone, this is almost a guaranteed death sentence. Worse yet, this is the most common accident among young children, who tend to gnaw on everything when tooting. The only relief is that they are typically supervised, and parents react quickly.


Cuts and scrapes

Thankfully, although cuts and scrapes are some of the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky, they’re the least deadly. They are typically very minor and, again, very preventable, just like when discussing broken bones before. As long as a person is careful and aware of their ability, the severity of these injuries can be minimized. Of course, the experts from Best Long Distance Movers advise that even though most cuts and scrapes are relatively minor injuries, severe cases still happen when trying to do something like lifting heavy glass furniture.

a person cutting veggies

Always be aware of how close your fingers are to a knife!


Broken glass injuries

Speaking of broken glass injuries, they deserve a complete mention of their own! After all, people getting cut or even suffering severe stab wounds happens more often than you think. The root cause, of course, is the accident that led to the glass breaking in the first place. If all you did were break a cup, then you would suffer a minor injury at most. On the other hand, if someone breaks a window, the situation may even call for hiring a personal injury attorney due to a rather serious injury sustained.


The risk of drowning

Drowning in your own home sounds like absolute nonsense unless you own a pool. Unfortunately, among common injuries that happen in one’s own home, this one almost exclusively happens to young kids. If a kid is left in a bath on their own, they can nod off. Most often, death can be avoided. But this still does not mean that fatalities do not occur. In fact, they are an unfortunate reality claiming an uncomfortably high number of children’s lives every year.



Central Kentucky gun laws dictate that anyone over the age of eighteen can openly carry a firearm. And this leads to the final of the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky on our list: misfire. This happens due to frequent and careless handling of firearms inside one’s home. This is another type of injury that happens to younger adults and kids most frequently. They tend to be fascinated by weapons, in part because they are often prohibited from handling them. The only thing to do about this particular type of accident is to keep strict control over firearms at home, which is always a good idea!


A final comment on the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky

Now that you are familiar with the most common home injuries in Central Kentucky, you can plan around them and protect yourself and your family! In general, though, all that is required is a little more care when going about your daily life.

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