It is very easy for a fall to end in tragedy. The slightest head trauma, which is common for slip and fall accidents, can cause extreme repercussions. So, let us go over some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents, so you know what to look out for!

Environmental hazards

One of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents is environmental hazards. This actually covers a surprisingly wide range of things. First, there’s litter and other literal stumbling blocks. This is often a problem in highly congested areas such as parks that are not taken care of properly or a school campus. Then, there are weather-related problems. If it gets cold, the number of slip and fall accidents surges when people carelessly step onto icy surfaces. Of course, not all environmental hazards are easy to dodge as long as you pay a bit more attention. It is extremely easy for powerful winds and ample rainfall to cause an accident. And there is not much you can do when you are nearly blinded by rain or if the wind is nearly strong enough to push you over.


Floor condition

Second on the list of typical accidents are problems with flooring. And this is a very serious issue in schools and offices. After all, floors need to be maintained, and wiping them is one of the best ways to do this. A wet floor becomes very slippery, however. And in a fast-paced environment such as a school or an office where people are constantly on the move, it is easy for someone to overlook the condition of the floor and end up in an accident. Additionally, not even finding the best personal injury attorney can help you get restitution in such cases if your injury is serious.

Wet floor, one of The Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Always put up wet floor signs to avoid one of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents!


Problems with safety practices

Many jobs require stringent safety practices to prevent slip and fall injuries. This includes construction work, moving crews, and more. Especially since movers and similar are also responsible for moving heavy and clunky items, which can cause additional injuries. This is why, when hiring moving services, you want a team that can ensure safety of everyone involved as well as your belongings. Good teams are always very aware of safety practices and always do their due diligence to prevent any sort of accident from happening. However, there are just as many employers who do not care as much about ensuring the safety of their workers.

A ladder

For example, triple check a ladder is well secured before using it!


Problems with construction

There is little you can do to avoid a tumble if your stairs, ladder, or whatever other equipment or home feature you are using is faulty. This is especially true if your railings are loose or your stairs are rickety. You should really never take chances with such essential home fixtures. Or you might find yourself stuck trying to get your life on track after a personal injury accident, and you would only have yourself to blame. It is better to spend your money on repairs or replacing equipment than hospital bills!

Uneven steps sign

If you know steps have a problem, try and avoid them or be extra careful.


Inadequate lighting

Since we rely so much on our sight, it should come as no surprise that inadequate lighting is one of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents. As long as you cannot properly see where you are walking, it is very easy to miss a step and find yourself tumbling down the staircase. In fact, this is a serious problem with old apartment buildings. Most of them either have terrible lighting or sometimes no lighting at all. Forcing people to rely on their phones or flashlights.


Wrong footwear

It may sound silly, but safety tools for moving that are must-haves for every move guidelines that list some essential tools include good footwear. Especially if you work in a risky profession such as construction! Wearing slippery shoes that do not provide any purchase can easily lead to an accident. Just think: even professional athletes pay special attention to their footwear because they are aware of how easy it is to slip and fall when moving quickly.



Naturally, one of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents is good old human error. Lots of people forget to pay enough attention in their daily lives. The sheer number of ‘funny’ internet videos that feature someone walking into a street sign and then acting all confused is a testament to this. More people need to understand just how much of a risk they put themselves in because they are not paying proper attention to their surroundings. Most often, such situations just end in awkward laughter. But if you are unlucky, or working a high-risk job, then a slip and fall accident can easily cost you your life.


Poor quality training

We’ve already gone over how important safety practices are. However, they are not the only thing professional workers need to worry about. Every profession has its own tips and tricks that are required to perform well and avoid injuries, including, of course, slip and fall accidents. If your employer doesn’t provide at least basic training, then you’re left with no knowledge of how to apply yourself properly. Which easily leads to all sorts of injuries. In these cases, you need to remember that a personal injury lawyer is your advocate in difficult times since such employers can be held responsible for their negligence.


Physical frailty

Finally, one of the causes of slip and fall accidents is physical infirmity. Sometimes, you just cannot walk or even function properly because of your physical condition. This is especially noticeable in the older population. And the number of slip and fall accidents they get into reflects this. There is nothing for it other than being extra careful and making sure you have someone to help you out nearby.


A final warning on common causes of slip and fall accidents

Even with the most common causes of slip and fall accidents on your mind, it is easy to get into an accident. Being forewarned is forearmed, but it is still up to you to exert enough caution and care to avoid injury.

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